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TAC V2.0

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Tea Art Course V2.0

Certification Character:

International Standard Curriculum Certification

The purpose of certification:

To carry out the study effect and ability evaluation certification of the global and international standardized courses;

Certification Field: Including the international tea etiquette, international tea evaluation technology and relative fields;

Certification courses:

TAC(Tea Art Course)

Certification Conditions:

  1. Students learn the whole contents of the international curriculum;

  2. Students have passed the test and exam of the international courses.

  3. Students voluntarily apply for international course certification and pay for it.

Certification Process:

  1. Students fill in the certification application form, send it to the lecturer, and complete the online payment;
  2. The lecturer shall review and verify the certification application form, and compile the evaluation, theoretical knowledge and skill performance;

  3. The instructor fills in the certificate summary form and sends the designated email address tac@oe-mail hk;

  4. Certification officer approves the results and comments, register the issued certification, and make the certificate.

Certification Fee:

  1. Payment standard

      TAC(Tea Art Course):2000 yuan/session;

      TAC Certification:300 yuan/session;

  1. Method of payment

By Cellphone:

Enter the WeChat public platform of OETC, click the screen button [international certification], click the button [international certification payment], enter the [international course certification] which is to be paid, and click [purchase course] to complete the payment.

By Computer:

Login to OETC international open education network: http://www.oetc.cn, click on the navigation bar [certification test], click on the menu bar [certification of international tea culture course], select the international course certification to be paid, and click [purchase course] to complete the payment.

Certification Enquiry:

Visit: http://www.oetc.hk

Please enter the red 12-digit ID number of the international certificate.

Or WeChat scan the QR code at the bottom left of the international certification certificate. You can check the relevant certification information.

Applicable Region:

All terms and conditions set forth herein shall apply only to mainland China.

Copyright Notice:

This association has on the organization's activities, not limited to: propaganda, register, display, operation, test, evaluation, communication, authentication, games and other activities, the production, development of generation, recording, text documents, audio, video, work achievement all copyright, any individual or organization without the written authorization of this association may not be used.

Power of interpretation:    

This association has the supreme power to interpret this article. If there is any doubt or misunderstanding about any provision of this article, the association's final interpretation of this article shall prevail.